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JOGLE run – running the length of Brittain

Posted on 29 April 2010

A few of my ultra friends are embarking on an huge adventure… the JOGLE run, where over 15 days they will run the length of Brittain. In total they will run 868 miles (1,396km!) from John O’Groats to Lands End. It is Rory Coleman, the iconic UK ultra marathon specialist who is managing the event. […]

200km in Namibia’s red sand dunes

Posted on 21 April 2010

The Namibia Desert Challenge is a 200km, 5 day ultra. Going through the red desert the competitors will experience the stunning scenery of the Sossusvlei, including the 300m tall “Big Daddy” dune. One of my ultra friends from the Al Andalus race in 2009, Mimi Anderson, competed in 2010. Here she tells the tale on […]

193 km done last week – the heat is on!

Posted on 19 April 2010

5 weeks to go to Namibia 24h ultra and I am stepping up the pace. Last week I managed to do 193km in total. Most of it was during the weekend on my bike, I was part of Across the Divide’s team that managed the SPW Triathlon in Hyde Park on Sunday (18 April). We […]

5 tips for your mental game plan

Posted on 13 April 2010

Over the races I have done I have always been very interested how different people choose their tactics for dealing with the race on a mental level. The range is of course wide and you tend to get 14 answers if you ask 12 people. However these are the ways that I use to deal […]

Barefoot running – learn from Fredrik

Posted on 08 April 2010

My friend Fredrik has tried on barefoot running and I liked his thorough approach. He has written an article in three parts on why he started, his first experience and what he has learnt from barefoot running. Many of us has read “Born to run” and has been inspired to take up the barefoot technicue, […]

Race analysis – can it help you plan your race?

Posted on 03 April 2010

Ahead of this year’s Namibian Ultra marathon I wanted to see if I could draw some conclusions for how to plan my race by looking at previous year’s results. I looked at each stage and the average speed, and I think I uncovered some good tips that I will take with me to the race […]

A few thoughts on mental preparation

Posted on 03 April 2010

I was asked to comment on how you should prepare mentally for an ultra marathon. This was written for a person that was going to go to the rainforest, so my thoughts are with this in mind, but are fairly generic anyhow. – Take a sheet of paper with comments and well-wishes from friends. In […]


A few thoughts on Nuitrition

Posted on 03 April 2010

This is difficult since it is such a vast subject, but I’ll try to touch on a few points: – You will not be able to replace as much as you will use up. Dont take too much food, since your body will not be able to take all the energy. – Try everything that […]


Al Andalus Utra Trail 2009 – By Joe Evangelista

Posted on 03 April 2010

We all met up at the Golf bar in Malaga airport on Sunday 12th July at 2pm. I looked around at the other competitors and felt very nervous; they all looked like very fit athletes. I felt a bit out of place but they were all very friendly. We were then driven to Loja where […]

Skiing until your legs hurt

Posted on 02 April 2010

Not sure how much my week skiing will help me in my ultra races, but for piece of mind it worked a treat! Not to forget that to get off piste I had to walk 45 minutes with the skis on my back up deep snow 🙂