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My race has started :-)

Posted on 27 May 2010

I thought I should take the advantage of the scheduling tool with my blog. Today the Namibia 24 Ultra marathon started in the morning. In about 45 degree C heat we are running 126km (78 miles) in less than 24h. In 2008 I made the race in about 22h. In 2009 I collapsed after 61km. […]

What to eat for a 24h Ultra

Posted on 15 May 2010

With a few single day ultras under my belt I am heading off to once more tackle the Namibia 24h ultra marathon. 126km / 78miles through the Namib desert lies ahead of me. It is a self sufficiency race, so I will be carrying food, water, and equipment with me, in total about 10-12kg. In […]

JOGLE draws to an end

Posted on 15 May 2010

Three of the 12 runners in the JOGLE completed the whole run across the UK, from the very North to the very South. I think it must have been such a great race for the three to finish, a true endurance achievement. Maybe one day I will be on the start line, but first I […]

Namibia 24h Ultra marathon – here I come

Posted on 11 May 2010

I am about to get on the plane to Namibia again. After a few days acclimatisation it will be time to step up to the start line of the 3rd Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon. I hope that some 20h-24h later I will be as happy as on the photo above again. Namibia 1 – Joakim […]

JOGLE – day 3

Posted on 02 May 2010

I was running my “long” run yesterday and was thinking of the guys doing the JOGLE. In comparison to what they are doing, I am just playing around in the kids pool… They are covering close to 60 miles per day for 15 days in a row! They are only through day three and I […]

Sauterne and Port?

Posted on 02 May 2010

Why did I choose to drink both Sauterne and Port after dinner last night? The question was banging my head on my way to swimming this morning. The rain was beating down and gone was the spring sun that had been kind to me on yesterday’s 30km run. After 1h40min in the pool it was […]