MentalFeat is a website about ultra marathons and the art of running (if that now can be called an art).

My own interest in ultra marathons started in 2007 when I was randomly searching the web for an alternative to Marathon des Sables. I wanted to do a race in 2008 and MdS had a three year waiting list. I found the Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon and signed up on the spot. I had never done a race further than about 10 km, so to tackle a 126km race was a real challenge. I participated in the first ever Namibian 24h Ultra Marathon in April 2008, came third in the small field consisted of only 9 runners. I was hooked on the experience and ever since I have been doing ultra marathons and chase the illusive dream of feeling success taking over your body when you cross the finish line.

MentalFeat is my website where I collect information about the different races, runners and the gear and preparation needed to complete one of these challenging events.

Please feel free to email me on joakim (at) mentalfeat dot com, I look forward to hearing from you!