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Namibia 2012 expedition – Climbing Brandberg

Posted on 21 April 2014

For the third time I was back to climb the Brandberg mountain. This time also with my dad! Here is my short video of the expedition is “video of the expedition”.

TMBT 100km Borneo September 2012

Posted on 26 September 2012

Last weekend I did an absolutely stunning event. “The Most Beautiful Thing”. , 100km through the trails of Borneo’s jungles. I did the race with my friend Paul, and the video blog from the race is “here”.

Desert Ultra – Namibia 2013

Posted on 26 June 2012

My friend Wes and Beyond The Ultimate are hosting a great new event in Namibia in 2013 – The Desert Ultra. You can find more information about the race “here”. It looks like a good one!

Why we should run run and run

Posted on 09 January 2012

It is not enough to train 2 – 3 times per week. Look at this video to find out why training 5-6 times per week is when we get the maximum health benefits… A good reason to why we shall run, run and run even further 🙂

Road to recovery – via swimming?

Posted on 17 July 2011

In March I suffered a bad injury whilst skiing. That meant that I have been off any activities since then. To not be able to Run, Cycle or Swim has been painful and I am sure my fiancee, Daniela, can attest to the fact that I at times become unbearable when I am not training. […]

De-mystifying ultra marathons?

Posted on 03 April 2011

Is an ultra marathon so special? Is it really difficult to do? Are the people involved with ultras some magical creatures in the shape of man, performing uncomprehendable feats? Well that is not how I see it. Every time I have been to an ultra marathon I have met a truly great crowd of people. […]

Running mountain trails in the snow

Posted on 13 March 2011

I got up today and was really keen to see if I could do a long run. In my head I had that I should do more than a marathon. However when I started out I quickly realise that the trails were deep in snow and there was no way I was coming back before […]

Why we were born to run

Posted on 12 March 2011

The author of (in my opinion) one of the best running books ever “Born to run”, explains why we humans are natural born long distance runners.

Jungle Marathon – the other side of the story

Posted on 09 December 2010

So I was out… Lying in the stretcher, carried by six local firemen, and a seventh that held my IV-drip, I was thinking about what had happened. The jungle had hit me hard, already when we arrived I was feeling that I was about to faint. But now I had to make a new decision. […]

end of the road?

Posted on 30 November 2010

Sometimes a picture says it all, and in this case I think the picture from stage 2 of the 2010 Jungle Marathon says it all. I collapsed and was carried out of the jungle by the local firemen who supported the race. But whilst one part of my jungle adventure grind to a halt, another […]

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