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Jungle marathon – list of gear

Posted on 21 September 2010

It is now only 19 days until the start of Jungle Marathon on the 10 October. The planning is kicking into overdrive and by now I have most of the gear that I will bring into the jungle.

The kit list is quite extensive by this point, probably the largest for any event I have been to so far. Below is what is on the list at the moment. Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

Aarn backpack
Hammock – Hennessy Hammock with integrated mosquito net and fly sheet. Weigh 860 grams!
Silk liner – Sleeping bag is too heavy, so Silk liner will have to do.
Safety pins
Swiss army set
Glow sticks – Two glow sticks for the 90km day (stage 5)
Torch + spare batteries – for night stage + around camp at night / morning
Waterproof matches
Luggage label with name
Small padlock for pack in camp
Camera battery x2 / Camera memory card x2
Cycle gloves – Open finger gloves to protect from plants
Waterproof bags (food, hammock, clothes, camera, medicin, kit) – Everything in the backpack is to be packed in individual waterproof bags
Tick remover
Ducktape – For repairs, and in worse case to cover up badly blistered skin
Spare laces
Bio soap

Long sleeved top
Short sleeved top
Running shorts
Running tights
Plastic bags for feet + 4 x rubber band – To be used in camp and they weigh less than flip flops

Insect repellent 50% DEET
Paracetamol (acetaminophen) 30 x 1 g tablets or capsules
Ibuprofen (Advil) 20 x 400mg tablets or capsules
Loperamide (Immodium) 6 tablets
Antimalarial tablets
Salt tablets 30 tablets
Antiseptic cream 1 tube
Antiseptic wipes 20 wipes
Plasters (Band Aids) 15 of varying sizes
Gauze swabs 15
Micropore tape 1 roll
Needles 10 x 21g needles
Bandage 1 crepe bandage
Tweezers 1 pair
Chlorpheniramine (piriton) 10 tablets
Sting/ Bite relief cream 1 tube
Sunblock Factor 15
Scalpel blades 5 x blades securely packaged
Latex gloves 2 pairs
Athletic tape
Friars Balsam
Needle and thread
Second skin / compeed
Beta pred tablets
New Skin Liquid Bandage

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