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Off to the jungle

Posted on 05 October 2010

Tomorrow evening (6 October) I am heading off for the Jungle Marathon in Brazil. A 220km race over 6 stages through pristine rain forest in the Amazon. The race will be a great adventure where all of us competitors will be required to carry all food we need for 7 days, hammock, mosquito net, medicine and everything else we need. All in all with the water I will be carrying 14 – 15 kg (they kindly let us refill water every 10km or so). As you can imagine I have been packing, re-packing and packing again to the point where Daniela is pulling her hair out 🙂

On the page below there will be a form to send messages to me whilst I am competing and you can also find the results day by day on the page. The organisers print the messages and give to us as we complete each stage. The page is empty now, but will be active from Monday 11 October through to Sunday 17 October. Any message will be greatly appreciated!

Jungle Marathon 2010 website:

If any of you want to know more about the race, there is a short film from last year on this link:

Any short messages during next week will be hugely appreciated.

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