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Running in the rain

Posted on 13 August 2010

“Suddenly, we were no longer slogging through the sticky humidity. The sounds, smells, the sensations of wet drops on our skin, the potential danger – all of my senses were on alert. I felt so attuned to my surroundings, my body, my running – all infused with purpose. Happiness.

What made me feel so alive? The chance of a wayward branch cracking my skull? The impossibly close crack of thunder that caused us to shriek aloud? The sound and sensation of splashing through ankle deep water?”

Ultrarunnergirl (on Twitter @ultrarunnergirl or her blog) is capturing the feeling of running in the rain beautifully on the lines above.

You an read her whole blog post here. Luckily I live in England, so I get plenty of opportunity of running in the rain *big smile*

One Response to “Running in the rain”

  1. Ultrarunnergirl says:

    Thanks for the link!! I am flattered. I really tried hard to put the experience into words, so glad you liked it.