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“1,2,3 – UTMB – the dream that never was”

Posted on 06 September 2010

This year’s UTMB was cancelled due to a sudden change in weather resulting in a mudslide making the trail dangerous for the runners. Two of my fellow runners, Mimi Anderson and Martine Hofstede were in Switzerland at the time:

“1….2…..3…U…T…M…B… we were off, the race had finally started – 166km of hard running and adventure ahead.

I paid no attention to anyone else and went straight for the water table, got out my perpetuem and tried to explain to the lady (who didn’t speak any English) that I would like my bottle filled up PLEASE – she kept on waving her hands about and saying something that I didn’t understand. WELL, as you can imagine I wasn’t feeling too happy about this situation, surely at a CP you get water, I didn’t understand what was happening. Eventually she filled my bottle up but wouldn’t do the same to my second one, (she was still waving her arms around at this stage!) I decided that the second bottle was full enough, so grabbed a piece of cake and started heading towards the end of the CP, still not understanding why no-one was moving. THEN I heard a voice shouting my name, turned round to find Guy standing there. This was now getting silly, he was a good 20 minutes ahead of me, why was he still here? He told me the devastating news that the race had been cancelled due to the bad weather, high winds and a mud slide which had blocked the trail further along the course – I don’t remember this but apparently I got a bout of tourettes, then cried.”

To read the full story of Mimi’s UTMB experience, click here

Another friend of mine, Martine Hofstede (which I ran the Al Andalus race with last year) were also onsight in Switzerland and received the following note from the race organisers (look a few posts down on her blog, the entry is called “Clarity from the UTMB organization”).

“Indeed, we had very Suddenly, Particularly Difficult weather conditions forced us to make essential Which Decisions to Avoid the Worst Possible Outcome.

The disappointment, frustration and a lot of questions Were the logical results of a weekend, anticipated for so long and so Which was disrupted. We wish, at first, to Remind You That the organization of this event is above all a passion, not only for the steering committee but for all the volunteers and all the communes. We are all bitterly That Brought the weather conditions of preparation and months we hope to an abrupt end. At the same time we are very happy That the outcome was not a grave accident to be regretted later.”

Click here to read Martine’s post. Look a few posts down on her blog, the entry is called “Clarity from the UTMB organization”.

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