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200km in Namibia’s red sand dunes

Posted on 21 April 2010

The Namibia Desert Challenge is a 200km, 5 day ultra. Going through the red desert the competitors will experience the stunning scenery of the Sossusvlei, including the 300m tall “Big Daddy” dune.

One of my ultra friends from the Al Andalus race in 2009, Mimi Anderson, competed in 2010. Here she tells the tale on how she won the event..

From Mimi’s website:
“Kevin, who had made ground on me when I went slightly off course, came up the dune behind me – I double checked with him that this was the right way to go! He agreed and off I went down the Dune. The first part was hard sand so running down wasn’t as easy as it should have been – I seemed to slip and slide if I went too fast, but once into the softer sand I dug my heels in and went down like a sledge! Once again because of the heat I had very nearly run out of water at the top of the dune so was very pleased to see CP2 at the far end of the vlei. There were lots of tourists there who probably thought I was mad but cheered me on anyway.”

It must have been a great experience to run in this desert. Click here to read the whole of Mimi’s story about the race.

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