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Running amongst the Icelandic volcanoes

Posted on 06 September 2010

There is an Ultra marathon on Iceland that many people have raved about. The landscape and beauty of the scenery is suppose to be extraordinary. Below is an account of the Laugavegur Mountain Ultra, posted on Running Monkey.

“Laugavegur mountain Ultra marathon was my first ultra. It was the culmination of a challenge I set myself, as a fairly average club runner, to work up from a tough off road half marathon, through twenty mile and marathon distance trail races, to a full Ultra.

The Laugavegur is set in the spectacular environment of Iceland. Apparently J R R Tolkien’s books were based in Icelandic legends. Certainly at times the run felt like something out of the Lord of the Rings – the course consisted of running towards a volcano (the same one which was wrecking everyone’s flights earlier in the year), across ash deserts, through sulphur clouds and up and down mountains even the average orc would describe as “challenging”.

In the latter half of the route, we caught sight of everyone’s favourite volcano –Eyjafjallajökull – which was behaving itself at the moment and was marked by only a plume of steam. The route was directly toward the volcano and ended only 5km short of it…. and that plume of steam really did look a long way away.

At the end I was feeling pretty ropey and I think my first words on finishing were “I never want to hear the word “Ultra marathon again” (but another runner pointed out in a couple of weeks I’d have forgotten about the pain and only remembered the sense of achievement from completing the course and would do another Ultra. They were right – I’ve since repented and entered the Druid Ridgeway 3-Day Ultra).”

To read the entire account, please click here

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