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Spartathlon 2011 – by Mark Woolley

Posted on 20 October 2011

I got to know Mark in 2009 when I did the Al Andalus Ultra in Spain.

Mark is a phenomenal runner and has run in so many classical ultras: Badwater, UTMB and many more.

This year he wrote a great piece on Spartathlon, it really makes me think that one day, one day I’ll be there! But at the same time it makes me humble to realise what it takes if I should be able to complete such a race!

Below is a piece of Mark’s story (or click here to read it in full)
“I came down from the mountain very carefully; it could even be described as rather slowly for me, but I had a good time margin and I was paranoid about slipping on the loose stones and causing an injury. I was conscious that I still had some 80 kms to cover until I reached Sparti. When I arrived at the track that leads to the Sangas village I started running again and didn’t stop until I had passed the spot where the hypothermia had finally dragged me down last year.

In 2008, at km 160 I had started to shiver, at km 170 I no longer had any energy left to shiver and my vision started to close into a dark tunnel that was becoming ever and ever smaller. I couldn’t run, just stumble from side to side and I couldn’t talk. Fortunately the race officials were vigilant and they bundled me into a van with the heating on full, probably saving my life but finishing off my last attempt at Spartathlon. But this time was very, very different. I still felt full of energy, and thanks to my friends, I had a fleece jacket that kept out the cold.”

Read the full race report from Mark here.

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