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A few thoughts on Nuitrition


This is difficult since it is such a vast subject, but I’ll try to touch on a few points:
– You will not be able to replace as much as you will use up. Dont take too much food, since your body will not be able to take all the energy.

– Try everything that you are plannnig to eat beforehand, especially during exercise to know what reaction your body will give to it.

– Nutrition has two big tasks in an event like this: a) give you energy b) give you a mental boost. There are hundreds of options for nutrition to give you energy, but dont forget the mental effect of food. If you just take porridge and after 1 day get fed up with eating porridge you will suffer mentally. Try to take a variety of things to mix and match. I will for this year use hammer nutrition Perpetuem powder. This is an energy powder for endurance events. It doesnt give the normal sugar-high that I get from many other energy drinks. Instead it is a much more slow release of energy. Question is though if you will find this substantial enough for 5 days. Maybe the best would be to mix something like Hammer perpetuem with expedition food and their dry-freeze meal packs.

– Whilst racing you will probably not need as much as you think. However plan what snacks you are going to have. The snack can be a great way to pull yourself up. If you can eat nuts (unfortunately I cannot, as I have a nut allergy), take some since they have great calorie / weight ratio. Other good snacks are jelly babies, salty sticks and olives (however olives weigh a lot, but they taste so so nice!). Remember that the snack is both for energy boost, but also to mental boost, so needs to be something you like.

– Go into the race being well stocked up on nutrition. What I mean with this is that things such as minerals and salt levels are really important and it is easy to train hard before you go, and hence deplete your body a bit. Make sure you have taken supplements during training so that your body comes prepared, and of course bring ways to get salt and minerals back into the body during the race. I have used Elete Water in the past, since it is easy to carry, and easy to put into any drink.